Sunday, April 28, 2013

April Showers bring May Flowers and Awareness!

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month.  It’s a time to get any/all information regarding Parkinson’s out there for the public to see/hear.
This month I have been reminded of last November when my husband and I participated in a walk in DC to support my Father.  Moving Day is held every year; and in different cities throughout the year.  It's a chance for people to get out and 'move' for Parkinson's.  Movement is used as a symbol of hope and progress because of its vital role in treating the disease. 
For me, the day was very emotional and therapeutic.  From the moment my husband and I arrived at Nationals Park I could feel the energy.  Now, I know that I’m not alone in this quest; never have been.  But to actually see and feel the intense energy from complete strangers was a bit overwhelming.  I fought off tears (unsuccessfully) for the first 30 minutes, trying to distract myself and take in the importance of the day.  There was a four-man blues band playing, group exercises, freebies and information galore.  It was a beautiful day filled with a whole lot of love and hope!

This year our calendar is marked for Moving Day in November.  And I have an idea for our team t-shirt design this year.  So keep your fingers crossed that the weather is nice. 

 If you’re interesting in participating in a walk in your area or know someone who may be, here is the link to the moving day website:

Below I have attached the status I posted on my Facebook wall the morning of the walk.  For my family and I every day is ‘moving day’. 
Moving Day 2012:

“Today I am heading to DC for Moving Day in support of a special man in my life.  A man who taught me that being successful doesn't mean how much money you have or how fancy your car is but how hard you work.  A man who was married at a young age; and has been married to the same person for over 50 years.  A man who taught his children to work hard and don't expect to have things ' handed' to you; and not to feel that the World owes you.  Respect others but don't allow people to walk all over you.  A man who worked from the age of 16 until retirement for an unappreciative company and boss being paid less than what he deserved.  Staying at this job so that my Mom could be a stay-at-home Mom while my brothers and I were growing up.  A man who made sure we had a warm house, clothes on our backs, food in our bellies and a family vacation every year.  I may not have had the latest, newest, coolest toys out there but I never wanted for anything ... and I always appreciated everything.  I had/have a loving family who I can always count on.

Today I am walking in support of my Father and all those who are or have suffered from this disrespectful disease.

FUCK YOU, Parkinson's.  I hate you for stripping my Father of a relaxing, enjoyable retirement and for making him a prisoner in his own body and mind.

I'm in ... are you?

Go Team Phil!”

Moving Day, November 2012, Nationals Park, Washington, D.C.

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