Sunday, September 9, 2012

All Good Things Must Come To An End . . .

One of my hobbies is paranormal investigating.  It's something that I have been interested in from an early age.  And it has been something that has been following me around since the age of 12.  Over the years I have researched more and more to try and figure out what is going on out there in the 'spirit world'. 

During this time, I have met some great people that have become some of my closest, dearest friends; and even one of them my husband.  I have made so many lasting friendships with some great individuals. 
And if it wasn't for a close friend of mine and his radio show called Darkness On The Edge Of Town (aka Darkness Radio), I wouldn't have met any of these people.  Here is a link to the official page:
Dave Schrader is the host of Darkness Radio which can be found on Twin Cities News Talk: .   You are able to stream it live or listen to the archives.  And if you are listening live, you are also able to chat with other listeners through a chat window that is available on Darkness Radio's website.
Darkness Radio is the best paranormal talk radio show out there.  Dave is absolutely amazing at what he does.  You will be hooked after listening to just one show.  He will keep you up to date on anything/everything supernatural and paranormal; and he interviews all types of Para-celebrities in the field. 

Along with doing the radio show, Dave also hosts conferences/events that people are able to attend and investigate haunted locations.  These events are truly like no other.  You get to go to some of the coolest places around the United States ... and you get to investigate and hang out with para-celebrities; not to mention attend lectures from these greats in the field.

I am sad to say that this November will be the final event for Darkness Radio.  The radio show itself is still going strong, but will no longer offer ghost hunts.   And if you ever wanted to have a chance to investigate a famously haunted location with people, like Aaron Goodwin and Billy Tolley from Ghost Adventures, now is your time to do so.  Follow this link to see the Final event (and complete list of para-celebs) which is being held at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado:

The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King to write his novel, The Shining.   Both television shows, Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters have investigated and filmed there.   Check out the hotel's website to see for yourself how picturesque this place truly is: 
Thank you, Dave Schrader, Mallie Fox and Tim Dennis (aka Darkness Radio) for some of the best memories and lasting friendships ... you guys and gal R-O-C-K!

 Darkness Dave and myself
 My Husband and I with Mallie Fox (Mark Constantino photo bomb)
Tim Dennis and myself

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