Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ryan Murphy ~ At it again!

Ryan Murphy is back to creating an adult-only, sexually charged, mind blowing, seductively twisted TV series on FX,  and it's about time.

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I had an obsession between the years 2003 and 2010 that was known as the show Nip/Tuck  This show hooked me in from the very second I watched the pilot episode in July of 2003.  The show delved into the personal lives of two best friends, Christian Troy, played by Julian McMahon, and Sean McNamara, played by Dylan Walsh;  who were also running a plastic surgery partnership together.  I even ended up being a part of a Julian McMahon fan-site, running and updating a section of the page for anything related to him and/or the show.  And I am the proud owner of the complete series on DVD ... (I said I was obsessed).

I was so disappointed when the show aired it's final episode in 2010.  And I had always hoped, in the back of my mind, that Ryan Murphy would decide to create another show just as mind blowing as Nip/Tuck had been.  

So you can imagine my excitement when I had heard he was coming out with a new show on FX with the word 'horror' in the title.  American Horror Story
  is a psycho-sexual thriller about a family who wants a fresh start and moves into a mansion that is haunted, starring, Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton and Jessica Lange. 

In my opinion, it's about time that Ryan Murphy gets back to his psychotic, dark side of writing.  I'm sure that this show will not disappoint his fans who loved the naughty and rough nature of Nip/Tuck.

American Horror Story premieres tonight on FX at 10PM

A little side-note:  The version of  the song Tainted Love that has been on the previews is performed by  Hannah Peel, an alternative/folk-pop singer/songwriter.

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